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Jobs for America's Graduates

ADM is a proud longtime supporter of the Job for America’s Graduates (JAG) program. Additionally, because of the great potential we see in students that complete the JAG program, ADM guarantees every JAG student who applies to our company a job interview. We have made this commitment because rarely do we find a group of young individuals so passionate, eager and ready to work as a team member.

If you are a JAG graduate applying for a job with ADM, please contact us via email at jag@adm.com to ensure that you are scheduled for an interview.

The JAG Vision

The JAG National Network will make a measurable difference in the outcomes of public education and workforce development systems at the national, state and local level. We will strive to increase opportunity and reduce poverty and unemployment by fostering A Nation Without Dropouts.

JAG believes that…

…JAG students and graduates are capable of extraordinary accomplishments once they realize the future relevance of what they are learning and will exceed expectations when challenged and stimulated.

…JAG graduates can and will change the world!

…JAG is needed more than ever!