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Diversity & Inclusion

ADM’s culture promotes inclusion in all roles, at all levels. Our definition of diversity is broad, encompassing not only diversity in race, gender, ethnicity, economic and educational backgrounds - but also in experiences, perspectives and interests. Yet while our definition of diversity is wide-ranging, our focus on inclusion is precise.

Having an inclusive culture lets ADM and our employees cultivate innovation. We believe innovation arises from being open-minded, listening to multiple perspectives and having a willingness to experiment. When we put together people whose working and thinking styles vary, and encourage people to value other opinions, experimentation will follow. The results of those experiments are innovative solutions to business challenges.

ADM is committed to developing the talent and creativity of the people of ADM. We nourish the entrepreneurial spirit, and provide opportunities for employees to grow their careers. As a result, ADM colleagues are making a vital difference in the world we live in.

Our colleagues grow and advance with clear expectations, and are allocated resources for training, educational and career advancement.

ADM earns recognition each year for our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture:

  • Named Best Diversity Company by Diversity/Careers Magazine
  • Named Top Supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Received Circle of Excellence Award from the Chicago Minority Enterprise Development
  • Received “Top Corporate Investor of the Year” award from Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), an organization that serves high-risk youth by providing work-based learning experiences.